About Jainaika Overseas

M/S JAINAIKA OVERSEAS is an overseas trading company established in 2010 by Indian trading houses with more than 100 years of business and manufacturing experience. Driven by business ethics and passion to serve our clients, the company is focusing on providing high-quality Iron, steel, and aluminum products, and engineering goods to overseas companies.

Jainaika Overseas can provide competitive trade-offers for power generation and energy solutions, agricultural tools and equipment, construction and engineering goods, and interior decoration and furnishing products. Some of our actively traded products are-

 Power & Energy Solutions:

Natural gas & diesel power generator for residential and small-scale industry use; Battery backup systems for residential and computer use; Solar lights and lanterns; and Lead-Acid batteries for power backup, motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, and farm-tractors.

 Tools & Equipment:

Barbed-wire for fencing; Iron Shackles and Chains for farm animals;, Nails, Nuts, Bolts, and Stubs; hammers and other Agriculture sundry tools; Cement Levelers; Weigh scales for shops and business establishments.

 Construction & Engineering Goods:

Construction tubs (both Iron and Plastic); Perforated Sheets; Hot Rolled Coil / Sheet;  Cold Rolled Coil / Sheets; Galvanized Plain Coil / Sheets;  Galvanized Corrugated Sheets;  Chequered Coil / Plates.

 Interior Furnishing Products:

Door handles; Latches; Door Chains; Door Stopper; Aldrop; Artwork for Iron doors and windows.

Kitchen Products:

Iron Jalabi Tawa; Iron Kadai (Frying Pen); Iron Tawa (Griddle); Iron Khurchana; Galvanized Iron Tasla; Galvanized Iron Buckets.

Apart from the above mentioned products, we trade in several other products which are highlighted in this brochure. We constantly increase our inventory of product offering so feel free to get in touch with us, or our associates regarding your query. You can also visit our website for latest offerings and products.

We believe in long term business cooperation and serve both large and small customers. We also provide customized branding for bulk orders. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have a trade inquiry regarding our products.

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